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Noble in the Desert

Hailing from Colony L4, Quatre Raberba Winner is the only son and heir to the Winner estate. The youngest child of 29 sisters (all test-tube babies), his mother, Quatrine died giving birth to him.

In AC 193 while en route to planet Earth, the Winner fleet is shanghaied by the Maganac's and taken to the MO III satellite. Their leader, Rasid, agrees to free the hostages in exchange for use of the Winner spaceships to transport weary workers back to earth. After Rasid speaks to Master Winner, Quatre enters into the conversation. He fights with his father asking him if he is surprised one of his creations can think for itself. Quatre rants over being a test tube baby. To his surprise, Rasid strikes him across the face. Rasid tells a bewildered Quatre that he is a test tube baby and that there is no shame in such a creation. Quatre begins to re think his views.

As the ships are departing, the Federation moves in to attack. Quatre discovers one of the men has been in contact with the Federation, giving their location away. The Maganac's seize the traitor and Quatre ties him up. Unfortunately Judias escapes his bonds and confiscates the gun of a nearby soldier. Quatre sees him take aim at Rasid and rushes to push him out of the way of the speeding bullet. The bullet grazes Quatre and hits Rasid.

The enemy troops close in.
Feeling responsible for Rasid, as he did not tie the traitor up tightly enough, Quatre asks to join the fight. Rasid gives Quatre his goggles and tells him to take his mobile suite. He fights along side of the Maganac's until the ships are safely away. The Maganac's ask Quatre to go with them to earth, but declines saying he needs to become stronger. He promises to join them on earth in time.
Back home, scientist Instructor H has sought refuge and gone into hiding there. Quatre watches as he creates Sandrock and eagerly offers to become the pilot of the Gundam. When the time comes to carry out Operation Meteor, Instructor H tells Quatre to ignore the orders of "the organization" and to fight Oz as he saw fit.

A kind and compassionate person, Quatre is highly intelligent. He voluntarily disinherits himself from his family to join the fight against Oz.


Hey! Ho!

Name: Quatre Raberba Winner
Sex: Male
Age: 15
Born: A.C.180
Place of Birth: Colony L4
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 5' 1"  (156 cm.)
Weight: 108 lbs. (41kg)
Blood Type: O
Ethnic Origin: Arabian Decent
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Siblings: 29 sisters
Posse: Maganac Corps.
Gundam: Sandrock, Sandrock Custom
Japanese Seiyuu: Orikasa Ai
English Voice Actor: Brad Swaile
Quote:  "I told you. You should've surrendered."

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Photo Gallery


It's Jenufa all over again!
Quatre showing off his manly battle scar.

"Let's go churn some butter, Ma."
Amish Quatre

Quatre's Posse

Oooh la la
Quatre modeling for the J Crew catalogue.

Don't give me that snotty Arab look, boy!
Quatre being (as Tyra would put it) "Intense"

Quatre and Sandrock.

Play me that tune that I love so much... *sigh*

Kiss, kiss, dah-ling!

Quatre bird watching...........

Local children leave a flamin bag of hoo-haw on Sandrock.

Glamour Shots

Time for Beddy-bye!

My favourite Quatre pic.

love that outfit!


Oh Q-chan, how I adore thee. Let me count the ways
I actually hung this picture up in my locker in 8th grade. Me=DORK!

Stop eating those McRib-wiches and you'll be fine.
Quatre having one, of his many heart attacks.

Another one??!! Jeeze!
Another heart attack... wooptie freakn' doo!

Say what?!

Manga Pic
Quatre and his Mummy


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